David Schutt began taking pictures as a young child using leftover cameras that his parents no longer wanted. Years later in college, David moved on to buy his first SLR camera, a first-generation 35mm Canon Rebel (yes, it was film!). He quickly wore out that camera while focusing his creative efforts on candid college life and moved into higher-end 35mm and medium format cameras. Now, twenty years later, David has concentrated his skills on nature and travel photography.

Nature has always been one of David’s fascinations, a given with a biology degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Anything from wildlife to floral close-ups to landscape shots are the target for his lens, with a preference toward harsh weather conditions. In 2001, David went on hiatus from the typical subjects and took his first trip to Antarctica. After living and working on the frozen continent for five months, David and his wife, Heather, traveled the rest of the world and became obsessed with travel photography. Several other exotic trips followed, including a second visit to Antarctica, giving David the honor of photographing in over 3o countries and all seven continents.

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